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Thu 08 Aug:
Summer Netball Camp 2019
A 2-day Camp of inspiring and fun netball, learning new skills, making new friends and sharpening your understanding of how to play great netball - with great coaches!
Wed 17 Jul:
England Roses v Trinidad or Fiji
Netball World Cup
Please cheer on England for us all! And @LindleLindsey ...
Please cheer on England for us all! And @LindleLindsey and @stow_simon too: best Blades cheering!! #BladesFamily
When are England Roses playing?
Roses matches at the Netball World Cop
Do you want to play Div 1 Regional Netball? U13/U14/U16/U19
Please join us at our Open Sessions in June if you’re aged
12-15 years and looking for a club playing Division 1 netball in the South region
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