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Weston Park Blades Netball Club
Data Protection Policy
Weston Park Blades Netball Club Data Protection Policy

Your personal information is important and you should treat it as you would any other valuable item. Personal data is information that identifies you, it can be anything from your name, address or telephone number to where you went to school or things you buy.

The Data Protection Act, 1998 governs how we collect, store, process and share your data.

Any person or organisation that uses personal information is known as a data controller. A data controller must comply with the eight principles of the data protection act. These ensure that personal information is:

Weston Park Blades Netball Club's data protection policy outlines the club's commitment to the data protection principles and how we deal with personal information.

Data collection Statement

Weston Park Blades Netball Club often needs to use information about you in order to ensure the smooth running of the club and to provide other services. In some cases this data may be sensitive personal data relating to you.

Data Collected

Personal Information we keep:

Additional information for players:

Additional Information for Coaches, Managers etc

Access to the Website

The Weston Park Blades Netball Club Website provides two different views to visitors: a 'private' view and a 'public' view:

Data Access

Data Security

We protect your information in a number of ways.