2017-2018: Celebrating 50 years as a High Performance Club
Weston Park Blades Netball Club
About the Seniors Age Group

The Blades Senior squads - National Premier (Prem), Regional Division 1 and Division 3, and Regional U19s - are the performance section of Weston Park Blades Netball Club. Our Prem squad, Viper10 Blades, play in England Netball's Premier League Division 1. Blades also have two teams in the South Regional Leagues playing in Divsions 1 and 3 and an U19 side playing in the Regional U19 League.

The club boasts many players who have represented England at U17, U19 and U21 levels and currently has players in the England National and Regional Academies. Several members of the current Viper10 Blades are also SuperLeague Players.

The Seniors usually train on Wednesday evenings from 8:00pm to 10:00pm at Sparsholt.

  • Viper10 Blades
  • Regional Div 1
  • Regional Div 3
  • Next Training
    Wed 21-Feb-2018
    20:00-22:00 at Sparsholt: Seniors

    Next 5 Fixtures for the Seniors Squad
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    Date Time Competition/Opponents
    Sat 24-Feb 10:30 Army v Blades Reg1
    Sun 25-Feb 11:30 Tameside v Viper10 Blades
    Sun 04-Mar 12:00 Viper10 Blades v New Cambell
    10:00 Blades Reg1 v Abbey
    14:00 Blades Reg3 v Woodley
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    Last 5 Results for the Seniors Squad
    Date Result
    Sun 18-Feb W Rushmoor 37 Blades Reg1 59
    L Clan 43 Blades Reg3 38
    Sun 11-Feb W Bath 33 Viper10 Blades 55
    L Dreams 58 Blades Reg1 32
    W MSN 35 Blades Reg3 65
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    Player of The Match
    Zoe FBlades Reg1 v Rushmoor (Blades)
    EmmaBlades Reg1 v Rushmoor (Rushmoor)
    AbiBlades Reg3 v Clan (Blades)
    Holly PBlades Reg3 v Clan (Clan)
    CharlotteBlades Reg3 v MSN (Blades)
    MichelleBlades Reg3 v MSN (MSN)
    EmmaBlades Reg1 v Dreams (Blades)
    Megan SBlades Reg1 v Dreams (Dreams)
    Lucy DViper10 Blades v Bath (Blades)
    Charlotte CViper10 Blades v Bath (Bath)
    Hot Shots
    Emma Blades Reg1 v Dreams 26/26 = 100%
    Kat Viper10 Blades v Bath 23/23 = 100%
    Amy H Blades Reg3 v MSN 23/25 = 92%
    Liv Blades Reg3 v MSN 20/22 = 91%
    Emma Blades Reg1 v Rushmoor 42/49 = 86%
    Michelle Blades Reg3 v MSN 22/26 = 85%
    Shelby H Viper10 Blades v Bath 25/30 = 83%
    Ash Viper10 Blades v Bath 7/9 = 78%
    Star defenders
    Fran  Viper10 Blades v Bath  12 Interceptions
    Charlotte C  Viper10 Blades v Bath  10 Interceptions
    Helena W  Blades Reg1 v Rushmoor  9 Interceptions
    Eagles 12120060
    Dreams 1281347
    Blades Reg1 1261539
    Abbey N.C. 1260636
    Sussex NRG Tigers 1250735
    Rushmoor 1241731
    CD Phoenix 1231827
    Sussex Storm 1212921

    Trinity 12120060
    Sussex Lightning 1271445
    Blades Reg3 1271442
    Sussex NRG Pumas 1270540
    CD Phoenix Two 1250733
    Woodley 1251631
    Clan Two 1231824
    MSN 12001210

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    Date/TimeTraining Session
    Wed 21-Feb-2018
    Seniors Training
    Wed 28-Feb-2018
    Seniors Training
    Wed 07-Mar-2018
    Seniors Training
    Wed 14-Mar-2018
    Seniors at Crestwood Cherbourg
    Wed 21-Mar-2018
    Seniors at Crestwood Cherbourg