2019-2020: Over 50 years as a High Performance Club
Weston Park Blades Netball Club
About the Seniors Age Group

The Blades Senior squads - National Premier (Prem), Regional Division 1 and Division 3, and Regional U19s - are the performance section of Weston Park Blades Netball Club. Our Prem squad play in England Netball's Premier League Division 1. Blades also have two teams in the South Regional Leagues playing in Divsions 1 and 3 and an U19 side playing in the Regional U19 League.

The club boasts many players who have represented England at U17, U19 and U21 levels and currently has players in the England National and Regional Academies. Several members of the current Blades Prem Squad are also SuperLeague Players. Fran Williams is a current England Rose.

The Seniors usually train on Wednesday evenings from 8:00pm to 10:00pm at Sparsholt.

Sponsored YuYo Player - Joanne Mabulo

This is Joanne Mabulo, she’s 11 years old and is in class P4 at Canon School. Her favourite subjects are Maths and English and her hobbies are dancing, singing and, of course, netball.

Her mother and father are separated, and Joanne now stays with her grandmother as her mother cannot afford to keep her (her mother runs a small shack shop).  The Seniors and U19s are sponsoring Joanne via YuYo to help her get the schooling that will change her life.

Next Training
Wed 11-Dec-2019
20:00-22:00 at Sparsholt: Blades Reg1

Next 5 Fixtures for the Seniors Squad
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Date Time Competition/Opponents
Sun 15-Dec 10:30 Shooting Stars v Blades Reg1
Blades Reg3: Div 3 Reserve
Sun 05-Jan 10:30 Turnford v Blades Prem
10:00 Blades Reg1 v Abbey
12:00 Blades Reg3 v Royals
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Last 5 Results for the Seniors Squad
Date Result
Sun 08-Dec W Meon 46 Senior 66
W Blades Prem 61 Cumberland 42
Sun 01-Dec L Grangetown 65 Blades Prem 60
L Blades Reg1 53 Rushmoor 63
W Blades Reg3 54 Rushmoor 18
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Blades’ Player of The Match
GabsSenior v Meon
AlanaBlades Prem v Cumberland
LozBlades Reg3 v Rushmoor
KatBlades Prem v Grangetown
CharlotteBlades Reg1 v Rushmoor
Opponents’ Player of The Match
Katie HSenior v Meon
Emily DBlades Reg3 v Rushmoor
YazzBlades Prem v Grangetown
FloBlades Reg1 v Rushmoor
Hot Shots
Laura M Blades Prem v Grangetown 16/17 = 94%
Charlotte P Blades Reg1 v Rushmoor 13/14 = 93%
Kat Blades Prem v Grangetown 32/35 = 91%
Kat Blades Prem v Cumberland 28/32 = 88%
Molly H Blades Reg1 v Rushmoor 26/30 = 87%
Michelle Blades Reg3 v Rushmoor 19/22 = 86%
Charlotte P Senior v Meon 24/29 = 83%
Eleanor Q Senior v Meon 13/16 = 81%
Michelle Senior v Meon 29/36 = 81%
Soph Blades Reg1 v Rushmoor 14/18 = 78%
Charlotte D Blades Reg3 v Rushmoor 24/31 = 77%
Laura M Blades Prem v Cumberland 26/34 = 76%
Star defenders
Loz  Blades Reg3 v Rushmoor  13 Interceptions
Abi  Senior v Meon  11 Interceptions
Alana  Blades Prem v Cumberland  11 Interceptions
Gabs  Senior v Meon  7 Interceptions
Scarlett  Blades Reg3 v Rushmoor  6 Interceptions
Charlotte P  Blades Reg1 v Rushmoor  6 Interceptions
Eagles 660030
Rushmoor 650126
CD Phoenix 741225
Dreams 730420
Sussex NRG Tigers 730420
Blades Reg1 620414
Shooting Stars 620414
Abbey Hurricanes 701610

Trinity 770035
CD Phoenix Two 760131
Sussex Lightning 741225
Blades Reg3 740324
Saffrey Panthers Guernsey 730419
Royals 720517
Clan Two 711511
Rushmoor Two 70075

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Date/TimeTraining Session
Thu 02-Jan-2020
Seniors Training
at Sparsholt
Wed 08-Jan-2020
Blades Prem, Blades Reg1 and Blades Reg3 Training
at Sparsholt
Wed 15-Jan-2020
Blades Prem, Blades Reg1 and Blades Reg3 Training
at Sparsholt
Wed 22-Jan-2020
Blades Prem, Blades Reg1 and Blades Reg3 Training
at Sparsholt
Wed 29-Jan-2020
Blades Prem, Blades Reg1 and Blades Reg3 Training
at Sparsholt