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Weston Park Blades Netball Club
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Under 12s
About the Under 12s Age Group

The Under 11s and U12s train together on Monday evenings at Toynbee School, Chandlers Ford with young players working on developing new skills and strength on court, whilst having lots of fun learning their sport and making new friends. The U12s compete in the Hampshire Junior League as well as taking part in tournaments throughout the region.

Players come from many different schools and Weston Park Blades offers a happy opportunity to start a netball career at a high performance club that loves to see young players enjoying themselves and playing great netball too!

New players welcome throughout the season! 

The Under 12s usually train on Monday evenings from 7:15pm to 8:30pm at Toynbee.

Sponsored YuYo Player - Promise

This is Promise, she’s 10 years old and is in class P3 at New Eden School. Her favourite subjects are Science, geography, maths and her hobbies are running, reading and, of course, netball – she plays GA/GS.

Her family are very poor and the U11s and U12s are sponsoring her via YuYo to help her get the schooling that will change her life.

Last 5 Results for the Under 12s Squad
Date Result
Sat 07-Mar D U12 Red 17 Panthers 17
W U12 Blue 32 Swan 16
Sat 22-Feb W U12 Red 14 Dreams 12
W U12 Blue 21 Lymington 20
Sat 25-Jan L U12 Red 17 Lymington 24
More Results ...
Team Matrix 1292145
Lymington 1062235
Dreams 1161435
Panthers Elite 1153334
Fareham Fireflys Amber 1162333
Wimborne 1050530
Swan Aqua 1213819
Blades U12 Reds 1232719
Spire Reds 1111912

Panthers Elite 760130
Swan Coral 851226
Fareham Fireflys Honey 630318
Blades U12 Blues 831418
Dreams 730418
Lymington 81079